Color & Soin 7M Mahogany Blonde

Color & Soin 7M Mahogany Blonde

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'Color & Soin 7M Mahogany Blonde' is an innovative hair color enriched with plant extracts and high quality pigments. Without ammonia, parabens, resorcinol and silicone, it respects your scalp and is suitable for even the most sensitive. Offering a deep and lasting color, it covers 100% of your white hair while providing flexibility, hydration and incomparable shine thanks to its oleo-protein complex. Easy to use, it is ideal for obtaining healthy hair with radiant color.

Discover Color & Care coloring, an innovative blend of plant extracts and high quality pigments, designed to enhance your hair while protecting it. Thanks to its ammonia-free, paraben-free, resorcinol-free and silicone-free composition, our coloring has been dermatologically tested and is perfectly suited to even the most sensitive scalps.

In addition to providing you with deep and long-lasting color, Color & Soin also provides intensive care for your hair. Its unique oleo-protein complex protects the natural structure of the hair during the coloring process, providing suppleness, hydration and incomparable shine.

Color & Soin uses pure, luminous pigments to create the look of color in motion, while covering 100% of white hair. With no pungent smell, our coloring is easy to use and ensures maximum comfort.

Here's how to use it:

- To prepare the mixture, pour the bottle of vegetable dye into the bottle of color fixer. Screw the cap back on, then shake vigorously to obtain a homogeneous consistency.

- For full coloring, part your hair into four sections using a comb. Apply the mixture to the roots and then spread it over the entire length of the hair. Be sure to use all of the mixture to ensure best results. Leave on for 20 minutes (or 35 to 40 minutes for resistant white hair).

- For maintenance color, apply the mixture to the roots and leave on for 25 minutes. Then spread the mixture over the lengths and leave on for another 10 minutes.

- Before rinsing, add a little lukewarm water and massage your hair in circular motions. Once the water runs clear, apply the included hair balm to stabilize the color. Massage gently for 2 minutes, then proceed to a final rinse.

Explore the world of coloring with Color & Soin, the ideal solution for healthy hair and radiant color.
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