Avene Hydrance Rich Moisturizing Cream 40ml

Avene Hydrance Rich Moisturizing Cream 40ml

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Avène Hydrance Riche moisturizing cream is the ideal choice for sensitive and very dry skin, providing continuous and intense hydration for up to 24 hours. Its unique formula incorporates Avène Thermal Spring Water for a feeling of softness and comfort without sticky residue. It is also available with SPF30 UV protection and in a BB tinted version. Simply apply a bead of product to your face and neck for plump, glowing skin. Enjoy well-hydrated skin with a light fresh scent throughout the day thanks to Avène Hydrance Riche.

Avène Hydrance RICH moisturizing cream is designed to infuse your skin with deep, continuous hydration that lasts up to 24 hours. Ideal for sensitive, dry to very dry skin, this intense moisturizing cream provides a feeling of softness and comfort all day long, without feeling sticky. It is also available in a version with SPF30 UV protection and in a BB tinted version.

The unique formula of Hydrance RICHE combines optimal hydration, thanks to its moisturizing complex, and the softness of Avène Thermal Spring Water. With its fresh scent, this moisturizer leaves your skin feeling soft and luminous. In addition, its rich but non-greasy texture leaves your skin feeling supple and comfortable throughout the day.

To use, simply apply a pearl of Hydrance RICH cream to your fingertips. Gently pat the product onto your face and neck and smooth it in with your fingertips.

The list of ingredients includes AVENE THERMAL SPRING WATER (AVENE AQUA), MINERAL OIL (PARAFFINUM LIQUIDUM), GLYCERIN, ISOHEXADECANE, DIMETHICONE, CETEARYL ALCOHOL, and many other components specially selected for their moisturizing and softening properties.

For well hydrated, plumped and luminous skin, opt for Hydrance RICHE moisturizing cream from Avène. It is your ally for healthy and radiant skin!
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