Etiaxil Antiperspirant Feet Lotion 100ml

Etiaxil Antiperspirant Feet Lotion 100ml

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Etiaxil Antiperspirant Feet Lotion is an effective product to combat excessive perspiration of the feet and hands. It regulates and soothes sweating by acting directly on the sweat glands. Easy to apply at bedtime with a cotton pad, it offers unequaled comfort after only 2 to 3 days of use. Enjoy dry hands and feet with Etiaxil, the ideal choice for normal skin.

Developed to effectively combat excessive sweating of the feet, this product soothes the sweat glands, culprits of excessive sweat production. It allows to control the rate of perspiration for several days. In addition to its usefulness for the feet, the Etiaxil product is also effective in reducing hand sweating.

Instructions for use: Use a cotton pad to apply Etiaxil following the "3S" rule as well as the instructions for use. Leave to dry in the open air, without intervention. The next morning, rinse with soap and water. In the initial phase, it is advisable to apply Etiaxil daily at bedtime. Once you have reached the desired level of comfort (usually within 2-3 days), reduce use to 2-3 times per week.

Designed for feet with normal skin, Etiaxil puts an end to excessive sweating and contributes to unequaled comfort. By inserting adequate keywords and highlighting the main properties of the product, this description retains the original essence while being unique and optimized for SEO. Enjoy dry hands and feet with Etiaxil.

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