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DIVES Ultra Lips 1ml

DIVES Ultra Lips 1ml

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DIVES Ultra Lips 1ml : perfected serum for plump lips, enriched with lidocaine for optimal comfort during treatment. Ideal for hydrating, revitalizing lips and reducing perioral wrinkles.


Naturally Beautiful and Luscious Lips

DIVES Ultra Lips 1ml is specially designed for lip care, providing deep hydration and improving the density of lip color. Its formula with 20 mg/ml of hyaluronic acid ensures gentle application and natural results. Thanks to Safe Core technology, the durability of the product is extended, and its exceptional plasticity allows precise implantation.

  • Intense lip hydration and revitalization
  • Reduction of perioral wrinkles for a more youthful smile
  • Patented technology for long-lasting and natural effects
  • Quantity: 1ml, for optimal precision and efficiency
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