Oenobiol Instant Wrinkle Corrector By Remescar 8ml

Oenobiol Instant Wrinkle Corrector By Remescar 8ml

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Oenobiol Instant Wrinkle Corrector By Remescar is an 8ml rejuvenating anti-aging treatment offering clinically proven effects. Thanks to e-Wrink flex technology, it works instantly to fill wrinkles and lift the skin. Its unique formula blends red algae extracts, clay minerals and anti-stress molecules for maximum effectiveness. Simply apply a grain-of-rice sized amount to the eye and lip area and leave on for 2-3 minutes. Revitalize your look and add softness to your smile with this avant-garde treatment.'

Discover a unique innovation in the field of anti-aging care: our rejuvenating cream offers clinically validated efficacy to restore youth and softness to your eyes and the contour of your lips. Thanks to its avant-garde e-Wrink flex technology, it acts precisely and instantly on targeted areas, filling in fine lines and wrinkles while lifting the surface of the skin.

Harnessing a unique fusion of red seaweed extracts, clay minerals, phyto-saccharides and natural stress-protective molecules, this cream is a real concentrate of effectiveness.

To take full advantage of its benefits, take the equivalent of a grain of rice cream with your fingertip. Slightly heat the product by rubbing it between your fingers until it becomes transparent. Then apply it gently to the eye and lip contour, tapping lightly to melt the cream. Make sure to keep your face still while the cream dries, it will take between 2-3 minutes.

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