Compeed Extra Resistant Blister Sports Heel...

Compeed Extra Resistant Blister Sports Heel Bandages x 5

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"The Compeed Blisters Extra Resistant Talon Sport bandages are designed like a second skin to quickly relieve the pain of blisters. They have a cushion to avoid friction and prevent infections thanks to their impermeability. These bandages, 20% thicker, are flexible and resistant for optimal comfort and increased protection. They can also be used in prevention. Simple to use, they stay in place for several days for faster healing."

It acts like a second skin to relieve pain quickly, avoid friction thanks to a cushion effect, prevent infections: impermeable to water, bacteria and impurities coming from the outside, heal faster: stays in place for several days. The COMPEED® Extreme Blister dressing is 20% thicker for even better protection against chafing. More flexible thanks to its honeycomb structure. It can also be used at the first signs of rubbing to prevent the appearance of a blister. Stays in place for several days. The duration may vary depending on the individual Directions for use: firmly apply the dressing to the blister, making sure that the edges are well flattened. Leave the dressing in place until it comes off on its own (note: it may remain in place for several days). To remove the dressing: do not pull it upwards but gently pull it along the skin.
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