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Quies Hearing Protection Fluorescent Comfort Foam 3 Pairs

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Protect your hearing with Quies neon comfort foam hearing protectors. Ideal for concerts, motor sports or when facing noisy industrial tools, they reduce loud noise by an average of 35dB while allowing you to stay connected to your environment. Their anatomical shape ensures perfect support and the softness of the foam ensures pleasant contact without any discomfort. Enjoy your activity with peace of mind with these hearing protectors available in 3 pairs.

Concerts, motor sports, tools or industrial equipment, certain particularly noisy activities can weaken our hearing capital. Foam hearing protectors can attenuate loud noises by an average of 35 dB, without cutting yourself off completely from your environment. Their anatomical shape adapts to the ear canal for a perfect hold in the ear. The texture of the polyurethane foam, particularly smooth and flexible, offers a pleasant contact and causes no discomfort.

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