Thermacare Multi-Zone Pain Relief Heating Patch...

Thermacare Multi-Zone Pain Relief Heating Patch 3 Patches

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The Thermacare Pain Relieving Heat Patch is an effective targeted relief of muscle and joint pain, ideal for chronic or occasional type pain. Easy to apply to various areas (back, arms, calf) thanks to its multi-zone design with thermoactive agents in the air, this patch offers permanent heat that relieves pain right after opening. For optimal relief, wear for 8 hours.

Provides effective and targeted relief of muscle and joint pain associated with muscle tension, body aches or osteoarthritis. Can be applied exactly where you have pain, middle of the back, arm, calf... It is suitable for chronic or occasional pain. It has multiple cells containing air-thermoactive agents, such as iron. Heating begins as soon as the pouch is opened, when the cells are in contact with the oxygen in the air. The diffused heat provides long-lasting pain relief. Directions for use: for maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to wear it for 8 hours.
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