Arkopharma Organic Arkocaps Horse Chestnut x 45

Arkopharma Organic Arkocaps Horse Chestnut x 45

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Optimize your blood circulation with Organic Horse Chestnut Arkocaps from Arkopharma. Thanks to their high aescin content, these dietary supplements strengthen small blood vessels, reduce the feeling of heavy legs and promote excellent circulatory health. Composed of horse chestnut seed powder and bamboo stem exudate, the capsules contain 1125 mg of active substances and are wrapped in a natural and vegetable capsule. Add to your meal with a full glass of water for best results.

Horse Chestnut is recognized for its high content of aescin, its main active substance, composed of saponins. This natural supplement is commonly used to strengthen the robustness of small blood vessels, thereby optimizing blood circulation. It helps to energize blood circulation, reducing the discomfort of heavy legs and promoting excellent general circulatory health.

Organic Horse Chestnut Arkocaps provide you with 1125 mg of Horse Chestnut seed powder every day. For optimal use, we recommend taking three capsules with your meals, accompanied by a large glass of water.

The composition of this product includes organic horse chestnut whole seed powder (Totum) (Aesculus hippocastanum), as well as organic bamboo stem exudate powder (Bambusa bambos). Its envelope is entirely natural and vegetable, obtained from cellulose.

Thus, Organic Horse Chestnut Arkocaps can help you maintain healthy circulatory health, in particular relieving the feeling of heavy legs.
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