Blédina Blédine Cocoa Cereals From 6 Months 400g

Blédina Blédine Cocoa Cereals From 6 Months 400g

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"Blédina Blédine Céréales Cacao is ideal for your baby's bottle from the age of 6 months. Enriched with wheat flour and nutritional properties, it offers a sweet sweetness and a 5% cocoa taste. The presence of vitamins C and B1 adds nutritional value for a healthy diet. Easy to dose, it allows you to adapt the portions according to the age of your child. Offer it to your little one during breakfast for a good start in the day!"

Start your day off right with Blédine cereal, a tasty and nutritious addition to your bottle. The recipe consists mainly of 85.8% wheat flour (containing gluten), supplemented with hydrolyzed wheat (gluten, rice). A slight sweetness is provided by the addition of sugar, while the 5% cocoa powder gives these cereals an extra taste dimension. The delicate aroma of vanillin, as well as the presence of vitamins C and B1, make it a healthy and attractive food for your little one.

Regarding the dosage, here are some recommendations:
From 6 to 8 months, mix 210 ml of milk with 4 measures of Blédine.
For babies from 9 to 12 months, increase the dose to 240 ml of milk with 5 scoops.
From 12 months, the recommended portion is 250 ml of milk with 6 scoops of these delicious cereals.

Blédine cereals are an excellent option to enrich your child's diet. Not only do they offer a pleasant taste, but they also provide the nutrients necessary for its development. Offer them for breakfast for a good start to the day!
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