Ovunol Fertility 30 Sachets

Ovunol Fertility 30 Sachets

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Designed to increase fertility in women, Ovunol Fertility ensures the right supply of essential nutrients such as folic acid, zinc, selenium and iodine. It promotes healthy fertility and helps prevent neural tube defects in babies. In addition, it protects against oxidative stress and supports thyroid function. One sachet daily is recommended for best results. Ovunol is the ideal choice for those looking to optimize their fertility.

Ovunol is specifically designed to meet the nutritional requirements of women seeking to conceive to promote healthy fertility. It is filled with folic acid in the form of Quatrefolic (5-methyl tetrahydrofolate) which boosts the folate status in the mother. A lack of folate can lead to an increased risk of neural tube defects in the future baby. This benefit is achieved when women of childbearing age consume 400 μg of folic acid daily, at least one month before conception and up to three months after.

Additionally, Ovunol is fortified with zinc, a key element for healthy fertility and reproduction. Along with selenium, zinc provides cellular protection against oxidative stress. Ovunol is also endowed with iodine, an essential element for the normal synthesis of thyroid hormones and the correct thyroid function.

Recommended for daily use, one sachet of Ovunol per day is recommended until the official announcement of the start of pregnancy.

Essentially, Ovunol is the nutritional supplement of choice for women looking to increase their fertility, thanks to its unique combination of folic acid, zinc, selenium and iodine. It not only provides essential nutrients for healthy fertility, but also protection against oxidative stress, while supporting normal thyroid hormone production.
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