Ducray Kertyol PSO Anti-itch rebalancing...

Ducray Kertyol PSO Anti-itch rebalancing treatment shampoo 200ml

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KERTYOL PSO Treatment Shampoo from Ducray is a rebalancing anti-itch treatment, specially designed to soothe psoriatic-prone scalps. It facilitates the disappearance of plaques while limiting their reappearance. Formulated with ingredients such as water, coconut oil, and salicylic acid, this product is biodegradable and produced in an eco-socio-designed way. It is packaged in recyclable packaging, affirming Pierre Fabre's commitment to minimizing environmental impact. For optimal effectiveness, apply to damp hair, massage gently and rinse. Intensive use three times a week for four weeks, then once a week for maintenance.

KERTYOL PSO Treatment Shampoo is a relaxing treatment for psoriatic-prone scalps. It is formulated to be used from the onset of the appearance of plaques, but can also be used for ongoing maintenance of the scalp. By using it, you will find immediate relief for your scalp, facilitating the disappearance of plaques while limiting their reappearance.

This product, with a Green Impact Index of B, is made with respect for nature and society. The Green Impact Index assesses the environmental and societal impact of our products, based on an overall assessment of 20 different criteria. At Pierre Fabre, we strive to create products that are eco-socio-designed, with a long-term goal of achieving an A rating for minimal environmental impact and societal respect.

What is the impact of this treatment on the environment? The packaging is recyclable (although this may vary locally depending on sorting guidelines in France) and its formula is biodegradable, in accordance with the OECD 301B test. In addition, it is manufactured in an establishment certified for its respect for the environment according to the ISO 14001 or ECOVADIS standard.

KERTYOL PSO Treatment Shampoo is designed to soothe the itching associated with psoriatic-prone scalps, while limiting the reappearance of dry patches. It is recommended to apply it on damp hair and massage it gently before rinsing it. For intensive use, it is recommended to use it three times a week for four weeks. Then, for maintenance, weekly use is sufficient. A precaution to be taken is to avoid contact with the eyes.

In terms of ingredients, this product contains water, coconut oil, sodium trideceth sulfate, sodium lauroamphoacetate, cocamide MIPA, glycerin, and salicylic acid among others. . Please see the full ingredient list on the product packaging for more information and refer to the package insert.
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