Inava compact trio brush heads 1

Inava compact trio brush heads 1

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The Inava Trio Compact 1 brush heads allow effective removal of dental plaque and food residue, thanks to their high quality design. With white bristles to identify sensitive gums and finer black bristles for easier introduction, these brushes ensure optimal cleaning. Their flexible shaft reaches hard-to-reach areas, while the non-slip handle promises a secure grip. The handle also serves as storage and a protective case for three brush heads. Choose Inava brush heads for superior oral hygiene and a bright smile.

Effectively remove plaque and food residue with these high quality brush heads. Equipped with white strands, they are specially designed to identify sensitive gums in the event of bleeding. Their thinner black bristles facilitate the introduction of the brush while allowing optimal visualization of the removal of dental plaque.

These brush heads have a flexible and robust shaft that facilitates access to hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, ensuring optimal dental cleaning. The convenient handle not only provides safe storage for three brush heads, but also acts as a protective case.

The non-slip handle surface ensures a comfortable and secure grip, giving you a controlled and efficient brushing experience. In addition, the plastic-coated shaft allows for gentle cleaning, preserving the health and sensitivity of your gums.

Opt for our brushes for superior oral hygiene and a dazzling smile.
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