Superwhite Black Whitening Toothpaste With...

Superwhite Black Whitening Toothpaste With Activated Charcoal 75ml

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Discover Superwhite Black Whitening Toothpaste With Activated Charcoal 75ml, your new ally for a dazzling smile. With its formula enriched with activated carbon, this toothpaste captures impurities, reduces enamel stains and discolorations, while fighting against bad breath. Take advantage of its benefits for optimal oral hygiene, whiter teeth and lasting freshness. Its sweet mint flavor makes its daily use even more pleasant. Choose a bright smile with Superwhite Black.

Featuring a formula enriched with charcoal powder, our product harnesses the whitening properties of this natural ingredient for an ever brighter smile. Like a magnet, activated charcoal has the ability to attract and capture toxins, impurities and bacteria, helping to reduce stains and superficial enamel discolorations caused by coffee consumption , tea or tobacco.

But that's not all, our product is also a real asset for your daily oral hygiene. By absorbing bacteria, it acts effectively against bad breath, while ensuring lasting freshness throughout the day.

Its tri-action formula therefore offers whiter teeth, healthy breath and a feeling of lasting freshness. As a bonus, the sweet mint taste it leaves in the mouth makes it even more pleasant to use.

Adopt our product for the daily care of your teeth and discover the many benefits of charcoal powder for optimal oral hygiene.
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