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A-Derma Biology AR Anti-Redness Dermatological Care 40ml

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A-Derma Biology AR is an anti-redness dermatological treatment designed specifically for sensitive skin prone to rosacea. It combines the effectiveness of Mandarin Extract and Organic Rhealba® Oat Sap to reduce and prevent redness, while soothing the skin. This vegan care, without perfume or essential oils, is composed of 99% ingredients of natural origin for optimal skin tolerance. It provides 24h long-lasting hydration and pollution protection. With its light and refreshing texture, it can be used alone or in combination with your usual moisturizer. Used once or twice a day, it brings relief and balance, for healthy skin without redness.

For those with sensitive skin prone to couperose, showing redness on the face, we have the exact product for you. Our BIOLOGY AR regenerating facial treatment is specifically designed to hydrate, restore balance and calm these fragile skins. With its unique and avant-garde formulation, this dermatological treatment is clinically proven and certified organic.

The heart of our product, BIOLOGY AR, combines the effectiveness of Mandarin Extract and our star ingredient, Rhealba® BIO Oat Sap. These two components work together to reduce and prevent the reappearance of redness, while soothing feelings of discomfort. In addition, thanks to the Gold Florin Extract, your skin will be hydrated for 24 hours and protected against the effects of pollution.

Our anti-redness facial treatment is made from 99% natural-origin ingredients, subscribing only to the essential elements for maximum skin tolerance. Without perfume or essential oils, our product is tested on sensitive skin and can be used in addition to drug treatments or as a post-vascular laser treatment*.

The light and refreshing texture of our anti-redness treatment is non-comedogenic and can be used alone or in combination with your usual dermatological moisturizer. This product is suitable for the eye contour and all types of facial skin.

With a Vegan formula, without components of animal origin, this treatment offers lasting 24-hour hydration, thanks to Rhealba® ORGANIC Oat Sap, which amplifies the natural production of Hyaluronic Acid by up to 83%** . Enriched with Mandarin Extract, the treatment reduces and prevents persistent redness. It also soothes feelings of discomfort and heat.

Use this product 1 to 2 times a day on previously cleansed skin. It can also be used regularly or as a cure, depending on your skin's needs.

The natural composition of this treatment includes water, glycerin, sunflower oil and dandelion extract. We remind users to always check the composition of the product before making the purchase.

Our BIOLOGY AR dermatological treatment is the solution for sensitive skin prone to redness, providing soothing, hydration and protection for more balanced and healthy skin.
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