SVR Sebiaclear Micropeel 150ML

SVR Sebiaclear Micropeel 150ML

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SVR Sebiaclear Micropeel is a revolutionary dermatological solution designed for combination to oily skin prone to acne. This high-concentration scrubbing and smoothing treatment effectively treats pimples, blackheads and pores, providing a radiant complexion. Thanks to a duo of keratolytic acids, it acts quickly and durably without compromising the tolerance of the skin. Its non-greasy, non-sticky and delicately scented texture brings freshness and hydration, for clear and softened skin. Apply morning and evening to tighten pores and soften skin texture.

Intended for sensitive combination to oily skin with acne tendencies, the SEBIACLEAR Micro-Peel dermatological solution is the first high-concentration scrubbing and smoothing treatment. Designed to effectively treat pimples, blackheads and pores on the face of adults, this product offers a revolutionary, sensory skincare experience. Despite its liquid consistency, this evanescent essence is rich in active components, quickly penetrating the skin to provide a radiant complexion without delay.

Its ability to act quickly and lastingly on pores, pimples and blackheads is based on the meticulous choice of its active ingredients, a duo of complementary keratolytic acids. This blend never compromises skin tolerance, ensuring purity and smoothness.

SEBIACLEAR Micro-Peel encapsulates its virtues in a finely scented, non-greasy and non-sticky aqueous texture. This treatment offers a real burst of freshness, providing clear and hydrated skin, tightened pores and a softened skin texture.

For optimal use, it is advisable to apply the product morning and evening to the entire face using a cotton pad. Particular emphasis on areas with imperfections. You can also apply it without cotton, directly with your hands.

Among its main ingredients are AQUA/WATER/EAU, ALCOHOL DENAT., NIACINAMIDE, LACTOBIONIC ACID, ZINC GLUCONATE, SALICYLIC ACID, SODIUM HYDROXIDE and PERFUME (FRAGRANCE). Written for optimal SEO usage, this description highlights key product features for an enhanced user experience.
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