Chondostreo Joints 90 tablets x 2 + 1 free box

Chondostreo Joints 90 tablets x 2 + 1 free box

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"Chondosteo Joints is a food supplement designed to improve the health of your joints and promote your mobility. Ideal in case of joint discomfort, it is formulated from glucosamine, mineral salts and beneficial plant extracts. To be taken as a cure month, this product is your ally for a better quality of life. Grab this offer and get a free box for the purchase of two boxes of 90 tablets."

Disturbances of mobility and discomfort felt at the level of the joints such as the knees, the back, the hip, the shoulder, the wrist and the ankle can occur at any stage of life. These discomforts can be caused by various factors such as age, sports practice, seasonal variations or inappropriate posture, which affect the resilience of our joints. To preserve your freedom of movement and maintain excellent physical condition, we recommend CHONDROSTÉO, the food supplement par excellence.

Instructions for use: Take three tablets at a time, preferably in the morning during breakfast, accompanied by a large glass of water. It is advisable to follow this program for at least one month and to repeat it if necessary.

Main ingredients: CHONDROSTÉO is formulated from Glucosamine HCL, various mineral salts including calcium carbonate (with corn starch), tricalcium phosphate, copper gluconate and manganese gluconate. It also contains Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate, and extracts of beneficial plants like Devil's Claw (along with Maltodextrin), Meadowsweet, Blackcurrant, and Bamboo. To prevent clumping, we use magnesium stearate, while mono, di and tri-glycerides of fatty acids serve as emulsifiers.

CHONDROSTÉO is an investment in your daily well-being. It is designed to contribute to better joint health, promote mobility and improve your quality of life.
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