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A-Derma Exomega Oil 500ml is your solution for healthy and hydrated skin. Designed for babies, children and adults, its expert and natural formula repairs, soothes and maintains skin hydration. It contains Rhealba Oat Plantlets extract to soothe, Filaxerine to restore the skin barrier and Glycerine for optimal hydration. With its fluid and pleasant texture, it is an ideal choice for delicate body and face care. Soap-free and does not cause tears.

The authentic hygiene-care product offers an expert formula that contains the same active ingredients found in EXOMEGA CONTROL moisturizers. Designed to help repair and soothe the skin barrier, this product offers a pleasant and fluid texture. Soap-free and does not cause tears. Ideal for babies, children and adults, and can be applied to the body and face.

The composition of this product includes:

- Rhealba Oat Seedling Extract: This natural component offers soothing and anti-irritant properties for the skin.
- Gentle cleansing base: This ensures a delicate cleansing of the skin without causing irritation.
- Filaxerine: An active ingredient that promotes the restoration of the skin barrier.
- Glycerin: It is an excellent moisturizer that maintains the hydration of the skin.

With these quality components, this hygiene-care product is an excellent choice for maintaining and improving the health of your skin. It is designed to provide gentle, soothing care while ensuring healthy, hydrated skin.
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