Rogé Cavaillès Extra-Mild Surgras Soap 150g

Rogé Cavaillès Extra-Mild Surgras Soap 150g

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Rogé Cavaillès Extra-Mild Surgras Soap 150 g is designed to gently purify while providing a feeling of comfort and suppleness to your skin. Enriched with sweet almond oil, it encourages the natural hydration of the skin and leaves a protective veil against external attacks. Its optimal use is on moistened skin, followed by rinsing with lukewarm water. Offering cleansing, protection and hydration, this surgras soap is ideal for all skin types, transforming your skincare routine into a moment of absolute well-being.

Sweet almond oil is generously infused in our extra-mild Surgras Soap, designed to gently purify your skin while leaving it feeling comfortable and supple. By encouraging the maintenance of your skin's natural hydration over time, this soap also leaves a protective veil on your skin, safeguarding it against external attacks thanks to its surgras components.

For optimal use, moisten your skin before applying the extra-mild surgras soap. Then, rinse it off with lukewarm water. Highlighting its nourishing and protective properties, our soap offers a gentle cleansing routine, further enhanced by Sweet Almond Oil that provides revitalizing care for all skin types.

With our extra-mild surgras soap, adopt a skin care routine that offers both cleansing, protection and hydration. By incorporating surgras agents, this soap helps to protect the skin against external elements and to maintain its natural hydration. This product is designed to provide deep cleansing while being gentle on the skin.

Remember, in applying our soap, the trick of application is to lather the soap onto previously moistened skin, and rinse with warm water for a gentle but effective cleanse. Adopt it to transform your skin care routine into a moment of absolute well-being.

The main characteristics of this soap are its gentle cleansing power, its ability to boost the natural hydration of the skin and its effective protection against external aggressions. Its formula is enriched with sweet almond oil for an even more nourishing and soothing cleansing experience.
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