All about Juvederm products

What is Juvederm?

Juvederm offers a range of products based on hyaluronic acid that help fill in fine lines and wrinkles, restore volume to the face and to respect your expressions and emotions. Hyaluronic acid comes in the form of a homogeneous gel; there are different gel textures depending on the area to be treated.

The products contain lidocaine, a local anesthetic that provides comfort during injections. To achieve the best effect, each area of ​​the face requires a specific formulation and concentration of hyaluronic acid. Their gels also incorporate several characteristics that determine their volumizing character and durability. The latter lasts up to 24 months depending on the product.

Juvéderm products treat a wide range of skin concerns, from moisturizing to smoothing wrinkles and enhancing lips. Your doctor can use several Juvéderm products to develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Hyaluronic Filler Market offers a wide range of Juvéderm products

The different Juvéderm products offered by Hyaluronic Filler Marker are:

  1. JUVEDERM VOLITE (2x1ml) 206.33 € HT

The Juvederm Volite is a filler that helps give the skin a younger and healthier appearance. It smoothes fine lines on the hands, face, neck and décolleté, moisturizes and improves elasticity.

What are the targeted areas?




-Glabella or Lion's Wrinkle

-Other fine wrinkles

What are its different characteristics?

- Juvederm Volite is an injectable filler that restores volume to the skin and helps fill in fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

-The skin will be much more supple and better hydrated.

-It will make your complexion brighter and give you a natural look.

The first injection of Juvederm Volite lasts on average up to 6 months. To maintain the effects of the product, it is recommended to repeat the injection before the product is completely absorbed. Juvederm Volite has a soft, smooth and natural consistency, which allows a quick and even distribution in the skin. Juvederm Volite contains lidocaine, a natural anesthetic that provides patients with a comfortable treatment experience.

The various medical recommendations:

-People with a history of chronic streptococcal infections or autoimmune diseases should avoid this product.

-People who are pregnant, nursing, or have skin inflammation or hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid should not use this product.

- You should not apply this product to areas that have already been treated with a permanent filler.

  1. JUVEDERM ULTRA 2 (2x0.55ml) 91.58 € HT

Juvéderm Ultra 2 is a filler from the Juvéderm Ultra range, developed by Allergan laboratories . This range includes different gels that fight against aging by restoring volume to the skin.

This product is very effective in the treatment of different facial wrinkles and imperfections. Juvéderm Ultra 2 is more effective at treating fine lines around the eyes than other products in its class.

The formulation of Juvéderm Ultra 2 allows it to be injected with greater precision, making it more comfortable for patients than other fillers in its class.

The areas targeted by the Juvéderm Ultra 2 product:

- Horizontal forehead wrinkles

- Lips

- The perioral wrinkles

- Lion Ride

What are the advantages of the product?

JUVEDERM ULTRA 2 injectable gel is a useful and virtually painless way to improve the appearance of your skin. The effects are visible within minutes, and can last up to a year. It can be used to treat wrinkles and sagging skin around the eyes, as well as to improve the appearance of the lips.

JUVEDERM ULTRA 2 solution contains lidocaine, a natural anesthetic that helps reduce discomfort during treatment. The treatment usually takes less than 15 minutes, but the number of areas treated will vary depending on your individual needs.


Juvederm is injected into the superficial layers of the skin using a needle supplied with the kit. It can be purchased over-the-counter, but its application is strictly reserved for qualified professionals, specialists in hyaluronic acid-based fillers.

Contraindications are pregnancy, lactation and known allergies to hyaluronic acid fillers. The product should not be injected into areas with visible skin infection or inflammation.

  1. JUVEDERM ULTRA 3 (2x1ml) 156.83 € HT

Juvéderm Ultra 3 is a gel from the Juvéderm Ultra range developed by Allergan laboratories. This range includes different gels that fight against aging by restoring volume to the skin. This product is highly effective in treating various facial wrinkles and blemishes, and is an affordable alternative to expensive surgical procedures. The formulation of Juvéderm Ultra 3 allows for easy application, providing both immediate results and a long-term solution to your problem areas.

What are its characteristics?
  • Juvéderm Ultra 3 can help you achieve a more youthful appearance by smoothing expression lines and bitterness lines.

  • Juvéderm Ultra 3 Gel helps restore volume to areas where it is injected, leaving you looking younger.

  • Juvéderm Ultra 3 is an excellent product for smoothing wrinkles between the nose and mouth and around the lips.

  • Wrinkles are minimized, lip contour is redefined and volume is added.

Target areas:

- The folds of bitterness

- The nasolabial folds

- For topping and increasing the volume of the lips

- The perioral wrinkles

  1. JUVEDERM ULTRA 4 (2x1ml) 159.92 € HT

Many people have turned to Juvéderm Ultra 4, a gel developed by Allergan Laboratories , in order to fight against the effects of aging. This product is very effective in the treatment of wrinkles and facial imperfections and represents a good alternative to surgery.

The different areas targeted by the product:

- The Valley of Tears

- Chin Augmentation

- The deep nasolabial folds

- The cheekbones

The different recommendations for use:

In order to avoid complications related to JUVEDERM ULTRA 4, it is imperative to call on a health professional authorized to administer products containing hyaluronic acid.

  1. JUVEDERM VOLUMA with Lidocaine (2x1ml) 199.00 € HT

JUVéDERM VOLUMA is the latest addition to the JUVéDERM family of facial fillers. The first of its kind, it is specifically designed to restore volume loss to the midface associated with aging, particularly in the cheeks, cheekbones and around the chin.

How to use it?

We recommend that you consult a plastic surgeon, dermatologist or aesthetic doctor to inject the product. After the session, which lasts an average of 15 minutes, the volumizing effect is immediately visible. You may feel small bumps at the injection sites or swelling. These will disappear after 2 to 4 weeks. As the product is malleable, avoid touching your face while it sets. And be aware of the contraindications if you want to get the expected results.

The different areas targeted by this product:
  • Cheeks

  • The chin

  • The cheekbones

  1. JUVEDERM VOLUX (2x1ml) 223.33 € HT

Juvéderm VOLUX is a gel from the Juvéderm range developed by Allergan laboratories. The company's gels help fight the signs of aging by plumping the skin and providing an alternative to surgery.

How long does it last?

Immediately after the injection, the effects of Juvéderm Volite are visible. The duration of these effects depends on the age and amount of the patient. The effects can last up to 6 months.

Areas targeted by Juvéderm VOLUX

- The mental groove

- The tip of the chin

- The angle of the jaw

- Bitter lines

- The chin

A physician licensed to inject hyaluronic acid fillers should administer this product.

  1. JUVEDERM VOLBELLA with Lidocaine (2x1ml) 189.83 € HT

Juvéderm Volbella is a new filler in the Juvéderm range developed by the Allergan Laboratories. This gel restores volume to the skin, thus fighting against the effects of aging.

What areas does the Juvéderm Volbella product target?

- Forehead, eyebrows, temples

- Lips

- Crow's feet

- The eye contour

- The nasal furrows dug by tears

What is the technique used for the injection?

The injection is done using a thin needle between the layers of the skin.


JUVEDERM VOLBELLA Lidocaine 2x1ml Syringe is a non-invasive treatment that can be used to reduce the signs of aging on different parts of the body, including the face and hands. Its formula includes lidocaine, which reduces discomfort during the injection. The product starts working immediately and its effects last up to twelve months, depending on the amount of gel used.

  1. JUVEDERM VOLIFT with Lidocaine (2x1ml) 189.83 € HT

Juvéderm VOLIFT is a gel developed by Allergan laboratories that helps fight against aging. By adding volume to the skin, this product can restore its youthfulness.

Areas targeted by this product

-Lifting and projecting for better facial definition

-Face contour and cheek wrinkles

- Lip volume and bitterness folds

-Restore volume to the temples

- Fill forehead wrinkles


The positive effects you will have on your face

Immediately after receiving JUVEDERM VOLIFT Lidocaine, you may experience bruising and swelling. The swelling should go down within a week, although you may have some bruising for up to three weeks.

In two to three weeks, the effect will stabilize and provide an optimal rejuvenating effect. Your skin will become more radiant and better plumped. Your cheeks will regain their tone, in perfect harmony with the whole face. Depending on the area to be targeted, you are sure to have plumped lips, a reshaped eyebrow and of course a restored facial structure.

  1. JUVEDERM ULTRA SMILE (2X0.55ML) 107.42 € HT

Juvéderm Ultra Smile is a filler from the Juvéderm Ultra range developed by laboratories Allergan. This range includes different gels that fight against aging by restoring volume to the skin.

The areas targeted by this product

- The lip contour

- Lips

- Circumoral wrinkles

The different recommendations for use

The treatment is carried out using a needle, supplied with the kit. The injection is made in the middle or deep layers of the skin, at the level of the labial mucosa. The treatment must be administered by a professional licensed to perform hyaluronic acid injections. ULTRA SMILE is a medical device.

  1. JUVEDERM VOLIFT RETOUCH (2x0.55ml) 114.00 € HT

The Juvéderm VOLIFT RETOUCH is a gel that helps fight against aging by restoring volume to the skin. This product is very effective in the treatment of various wrinkles and facial imperfections.

Injection technique

The injection is performed using a fine needle into the deep dermis.

Areas targeted by Juvéderm VOLIFT RETOUCH
  • Raising the eyebrows

  • Redraw the cheekbones

  • Refresh eye outline

  • Facial contour and cheek wrinkles

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