Fils tenseurs PDO Barb II Peako 19G...

Fils tenseurs PDO Barb II Peako 19G 60 mm - Croma

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Arrow-shaped bidirectional notched thread that holds the skin like a double hook when tightening the thread. Its purpose is to reposition and restructure the skin


PDO Barb II Peako 19G 60 mm - Croma


- Croma PDO Peako 19G 60mm is a bi-directional notch thread that holds the skin like a double hook when tightening the thread. Its purpose is to reposition and restructure the skin. It is the most powerful solution for any area of the body and face.

- CROMA offers a complete range of high quality tensor threads according to the patient's needs. They are made of polydioxanone (PDO) which resorbs after collagen proliferation is stimulated by fibroblasts.

- CROMA tensor threads support the tissues and stimulate collagen. They allow the face to be reshaped and the elasticity of the skin to be restored. This simple and reliable thread lifting technique provides natural and remarkable results on the face and body.

- These threads are mounted on a cannula which makes their insertion very quick (less than two minutes) and, above all, much less risky than a hyaluronic acid injection, which requires a trained hand, because of the vascular risks that can occur and lead to disasters such as partial necrosis (rotting) of the tissue.

- Croma Peako 19G 60mm is offered for reshaping the nasal bridge.

- 12 threads per box


  • High tissue correction with multidirectional notches
  • Lifting of the middle and lower third of the face
  • Lifting of different parts of the body (combined with linear injections)
  • Insertion in the lateral areas of the neck for a lifting effect
  • Body sculpting and lifting
  • Lifting of the neck area under the chin


  • less stress compared to the conventional face
  • elevation of the tissues
  • no visible scars
  • generally very fast healing
  • short treatment time (about 15 to 40 minutes)
  • low risk of pain and inflammation
  • the result is visible immediately after the procedure

Targeted area

Depending on the consultation and the area to be treated, different types of threads and treatment techniques can be used. The areas of the face and body that can be treated are the following

  • Forehead
  • Eyebrows
  • Cheek
  • Jaw line

Application protocol

  • The area to be treated is locally anaesthetized, then the absorbable thread is inserted into the tissue.
  • The type and number of threads to be applied will be discussed with you beforehand.
  • With this minimally invasive procedure, new connective tissue forms around the thread, making the skin firmer and tighter.
  • Some types of threads can also lift the facial tissues back to their original position.
  • This new and gentle method leaves no wounds or scars.
  • The threads are absorbed after a while, depending on the type of thread.
  • The results will be visible for a longer period of time.
  • Your doctor can give you more detailed information on this subject.

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