AGE REBOOST - Crème Restructurante Anti-Âge |...

AGE REBOOST - Crème Restructurante Anti-Âge | Vivacy

130.00€ tax excl.

AGE REBOOST - Anti-Aging Restructuring Cream protects against cell aging. The skin is smoothed, firmer and regains its radiance.


AGE REBOOST - Anti-Aging Restructuring Cream | Vivacy


  • It protects against cell aging
  • The skin is smoother, firmer and regains its radiance
  • Nourished and hydrated, it is revitalized and regenerated
  • Firmness
  • Wrinkle smoothing
  • Complexion radiance
  • Jar 50ml


VIVACY Laboratories offer a professional quality dermo-cosmetic care line, based on expert and innovative formulations to preserve the skin's youthfulness. The VIVASÔME® complex is an exclusive technology resulting from advanced research by VIVACY Laboratories. The VIVASÔME® complex is based on the principle of encapsulation of active ingredients through liposomes. Comparable to small "spheres", their structure is similar to that of the cell membrane (phospholipid bilayer). These liposomes can create a path through the superficial layers of the skin, thus favoring the penetration of active ingredients.

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