Peeling K33P
Peeling K33P - MCCM
Peeling K33P
Peeling K33P - MCCM

Peeling K33P - MCCM

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K33P helps whiten and even out the skin by fighting hyperpigmentation

K33P treats skin blemishes and is a powerful anti-spot,

MCCM's innovative new K33P Peel does not require a long recovery period.



Box of 5 bottles of 10 ml


MCCM's innovative K33P Peel does not require a long recovery period.

K33P treats skin blemishes and is a powerful anti-spot,

These blemishes can cause many disorders of the well-being of people, often creating psychological problems.

These blemishes can be associated with excess skin pigmentation, which is characterized by an increase in melanin and other substances involved in pigmentation.

Blemishes can be caused by genetics, excessive sunlight, allergies or premature aging.


K33P MCCM is an innovative product. It is a fast-acting peel that does not affect the skin. This treatment touches the epidermis without damaging its surface layer. After a session, the skin regenerates quickly for a natural result and a healthy glow.

This medium level peel ensures the whitening of the skin. Its targeted actions significantly erase spots due to an overproduction of melanin. The product is also perfect for removing annoying freckles.

KOJIC ACID blocks the production of melanin and also has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

ARBUTINA is a pigmentation regulator. Bearberry contains an active ingredient called arbutin which regulates the formation of melanin.

Targeted areas

  • Face
  • Various parts of the body.


The K33P Peel is recommended for:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Age spots
  • Spots created by stretch marks

What are the effects of using this product?

  • First and foremost, it whitens the skin.
  • In addition, a significant reduction of all types of pigmentation and freckles.
  • The K33P Booster promotes skin whitening, it is not photosensitive and can be used during the day without having to avoid sun exposure after application.
  • It is also a photo effective aging treatment.
  • Promotes general skin improvement.


1/ Cleanse with MCCM cleansing milk.

2/ Tone with MCCM Facial Tonic.

3/ Apply the cleansing solution with a gauze.

4/ Apply K33P Peel through the areas with a brush and let it absorb; 3 layers should be applied. 5/ Apply Arbutin WA Cream and Sunscreen SPF 50+.

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