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ACTIPOCHE Thermal Cushion 10 x 15 cm

ACTIPOCHE Thermal Cushion 10 x 15 cm

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Discover the ACTIPOCHE Thermal Cushion 10x15 cm , your quick solution to relieve muscle and joint pain thanks to hot and cold therapy.


ACTIPOCHE Thermal Cushion 10 x 15 cm: Fast and Effective Relief

The ACTIPOCHE Thermal Cushion 10 x 15 cm is an innovative solution to quickly and effectively relieve muscle and joint pain. Usable hot or cold, this thermal pad is ideal for a variety of ailments, including muscle strains, back pain, stiff neck, lumbago, menstrual pain, sprains, strains, knocks, bruises , headaches and toothaches.

Key Benefits

  • Heat Therapy : Relieves muscle contractures, back pain, stiff neck, lumbago and menstrual pain.
  • Cold Therapy : Ideal for sprains, strains, bumps, bruises, headaches and toothaches.
  • Practical and Reusable : Easy to use, this cushion can be heated or cooled as needed.
  • Comfort and Safety : Comes with a protective cover for safe and comfortable use.


For hot use, immerse the cushion in hot water. For cold use, place the cushion in the refrigerator. Always use with the protective cover provided to protect the skin.

Precautions for Use

Do not use on damaged skin. Do not apply directly to the skin without the protective cover. In case of diabetes or vascular and circulatory problems, consult a doctor before use.

Choose the ACTIPOCHE Thermal Cushion 10 x 15 cm for quick and effective relief of your pain.

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