Connecteur Radiesse BAXTER

Connecteur Radiesse BAXTER

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The Radiesse BAXTER connector is a connector used to connect two syringes which will effectively transfer the product from one syringe to the other.


BAXTER Radiesse Connector

Description and protocol for using the Radiesse BAXTER connector

The BAXA female-female connector plugs into the male part of each syringe. world specialist in precision needles and syringes, offers the BAXA connector. The purpose of this connector is to make possible the distribution of a liquid present in a dispensing syringe into other syringes. The BAXA connector makes it possible to connect the male connector of each of the syringes by an integrated Luer Lock system. Thanks to this Luer Lock system, preserve the state of sterility and prevent any risk of liquid leakage during transfer. Entirely in naturally red polypropylene, the BAXA connector was developed to eliminate any risk of latex allergy.

Benefits :

- Transfer without loss of the state of sterility

- Luer Lock female-female connector

- Prevention of the risk of leakage

- Handling without risk of contamination for the operator

- No allergic reaction to latex

- Identifiable thanks to its natural red color.

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