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TSK Needle The Invisible Needle 34g*9 mm

TSK Needle The Invisible Needle 34g*9 mm

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Discover TSK Needle The Invisible Needle 34g*9 mm , designed for botulinum toxin injections with unparalleled finesse, offering an almost painless experience for patients.


TSK Needle The Invisible Needle - Excellence in Botulinum Toxin Injection

Push the limits of precision and comfort with the TSK Needle The Invisible Needle . Designed specifically for botulinum toxin injections, this needle represents a major advance in the field of aesthetic medicine. Its ultra-thin design guarantees a virtually painless experience for the patient, while ensuring unrivaled injection precision.

Innovative Design for Maximum Efficiency

The Invisible Needle stands out for its extremely thin diameter, minimizing discomfort and pain during the injection. This feature, combined with Low Dead Space technology, significantly reduces BoNT waste, providing considerable economic and ecological benefits.

Advanced Technology for Optimal Results

Thanks to its Luer Lock system, the TSK Needle ensures a safe and reliable connection to the syringe, eliminating the risk of leaking or unhooking during injection. Additionally, the use of high-quality polymers gives the needle exceptional resistance to pressure and bending, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

TSK - A Reference in Needle Innovation

TSK Laboratory is recognized worldwide for its expertise and innovation in the design of needles for aesthetic medicine. Each needle is the result of extensive research and rigorous development, ensuring quality and reliability with every use.

Applications and Benefits

  • Virtually painless injection experience for patients
  • Significant reduction in BoNT wastage, saving up to 0.08ml per injection
  • Luer Lock technology for a secure, leak-free connection
  • High quality polymers for increased strength
  • Ideal for regular aesthetic treatments requiring precision and comfort

The TSK Needle The Invisible Needle is an essential choice for demanding professionals, seeking to offer the best in terms of comfort and effectiveness in aesthetic treatments.

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