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Magic Needle 22G/70 (box of 25 cannulas)
Magic Needle 22G/70 (box of 25 cannulas)
Magic Needle 22G/70 (box of 25 cannulas)

Magic Needle 22G/70 (box of 25 cannulas)

97.20€ tax excl.


Box of 25 cannulas

Cheekbones, Oval of the face, Volume, Arm, Elbow, Knee.



Description of Magic Needle 22G/70

Box of 25 cannulas

Magic Needle 22G x 70 mm flexible micro cannula + 1 pre-hole needle

Thanks to its great flexibility, Magic Needle allows a painless injection without leaving any bruising in the treated area

Its rounded tip offers a high level of resistance when you want to penetrate the deepest tissue layers

The precise finish and exclusive quality of Magic Needles glide smoothly under the skin, allowing you to use a variety of products regardless of their viscosity

Features of Magic Needles

  • Reduced risk of bruising and/or inflammatory reactions in the area
  • Perfect control of the injection level: it does not allow to cross the fascial wall
  • Complete elimination of the risk of intravascular injection.
  • Made in France

Approved by the FDA " Food and Drugs Administration ", Magic Needles have a great flexibility. Thus, practitioners can make particularly precise injections on sensitive areas such as the tear valley, eyebrows..

The Magic Needle 25G/60 cannulas are among the finest. Its use does not hurt the skin and does not induce effusion under the dermis. The needle allows safe injection gestures. They guarantee a harmonious distribution of the product from a single puncture point.

The Box of 25 Magic Needle consists of 25 injection kits. Each includes a 22G (gauge) micro-cannula of 90 mm length

When to use Magic Needle cannulas?

The Magic Needle is suitable for injections of medium and high viscosity fillers.

The Magic Needle kit can be used in aesthetic medicine to perform hypodermic injections and mesotherapy. It is used for example for filling to reshape or sculpt the face and body. These extra-thin cannulas are also indicated for injections under the scalp.

The Magic Needle Box, for painless treatments

About MAGIC NEEDLE: The flexible micro cannula revolutionizing injection techniques

In partnership with Dr. Bernard Hertzog who, after various researches, designed the Magic Needle® micro-cannula, Needle Concept® brings to the whole field of medicine (aesthetic, plastic, ophthalmologic, dermatologic, dental...) an innovative technique for less traumatic and more reliable injections for the customers.

Unlike the classic rigid and sharp needle, the Magic Needle® does not cut the skin or the underlying tissue. Thanks to its flexibility combined with the originality of the injection orifice, a large number of fillers can be used, regardless of their viscosity.

This injection technique is characterized by a very limited number of injection points, which allows the practitioner to intervene with less pain for the patient over a larger area

The Magic Needle® has become the benchmark for quality and reliability and is exported worldwide.

Advantages of Magic Needles

  • New techniques

Patients are more serene

  • 1 injection point

Allows treatment of a larger injection area

  • Homogeneous distribution

Allows better penetration of the product under the skin

  • No social eviction

Reduction of undesirable side effects

  • Non-invasive procedure

Flexibility and foam tip make the procedure virtually painless for the patient

  • Control of the injection

The different gauges and lengths allow the injection technique to be adapted

  • Fast execution

The single injection point speeds up the treatment of a larger area

  • No tissue lysis

Rounded tip greatly reduces the risk of intravascular injection

  • No effusion into the dermis

This technique allows control of the injection level

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