HarmonyCA - Allergan

HarmonyCA - Allergan

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In a single injection, HArmonyCa offers the potential of an immediate lifting effect thanks to HA and a long-lasting stimulation of collagen thanks to CaHA. It is suitable for people who want to make their signs of aging disappear.


HarmonyCA - Allergan

Description HARmonyCA

Allergan, the French leader in injectables and a forerunner in anti-aging products, has launched HARmonyCA, a combined injectable of Hyaluronic acid and Collagen

A revolution in injectable aesthetic medicine products


Global pharmaceutical company Allergan Aesthetics has launched HArmonyCa, a hybrid injectable treatment combining hyaluronic acid (HA) and calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA).

HArmonyCa has a dual effect, hA providing an immediate lift and CaHA provoking new collagen production

HarmonyCa is intended for the augmentation of sagging facial tissue by injection into the deep dermal and subdermal layers.


The cross-linked HA gel provides an immediate lifting effect and is moldable, allowing a qualified aesthetic practitioner to adjust the shape of the implant after administration

The hyaluronic acid microspheres, which promote the production of collagen by the body by inducing the formation of collagen fibers

The hyaluronic acid particles work deep into the skin, where they help plump it up for an immediate lifting effect, while the CaHA microspheres support the body's own collagen production, so that new collagen fibers begin to grow. Newly formed collagen fibers can be present as early as one week after treatment.

Over 90% of patients reported an improvement in the overall appearance of facial areas after treatment with HArmonyCa.

It is the first hybrid injectable on the market. Its potential to provide an immediate lift with hyaluronic acid and long-lasting collagen stimulation with calcium hydroxyapatite addresses some of the multidimensional needs of aging skin.

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