DIVES LipoShoock+ 10ml

DIVES LipoShoock+ 10ml

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LipoShoock+ is a concentrate of the most powerful lipolytic substances to reduce excess fatty tissue and shape the body.


DIVES LipoShoock+

A concentrated form of the most powerful lipolytic substances for reducing excess fat tissue and shaping the body. It causes enzymatic apoptosis of fat cells and deterioration of the cell membrane, resulting in effective reduction of local fat tissue and smoothing of the body structure. The highest permitted concentration of phosphatidylcholine, combined with deoxycholic acid, ensures rapid and dramatic effects on tissue circumference reduction. L-carnitine is added to the formula, which accelerates the metabolism of released fatty acids and improves the effectiveness of the therapy. LipoShoock also conditions the tissues, making them smoother, firmer and visibly thinner, thanks to the presence of hydrogenated lecithin and oligopeptides.

LipoShoock+ stimulates the enzymatic breakdown of triacylglycerols (triglycerides) in adipose tissue into free fatty acids and glycerol, which are captured by most tissues and oxidized as a primary energy source into carbon dioxide and water when released into the bloodstream. The biochemical elimination of fat cells begins immediately after the procedure and continues for 8 to 12 weeks. Lipolysis is a procedure used for body contouring. The addition of peptides and conditioning substances rebuilds the skin's collagenous framework, firms up the tissues and prevents them from sagging as a result of the reduction in body circumference. The result is visible only two weeks after the first treatment.

Treatment area

We use the LipoShoock+ product in the therapy of local fat accumulation for lipolytic purposes in areas such as

- the face

- chin and jawline

- arms

- upper and lower abdomen

- male breast tissue

- thighs and buttocks

- tissue after liposuction surgery

Treatment indications

- lipolysis of the face and body

- volume reduction of fatty tissue

- improvement of facial and body contours

- improvement of skin tension, density and firmness

- reduction of fatty cellulite

- elimination of skin flaccidity

- improvement of lipid metabolism

- reduction of the tendency to accumulate adipose tissue at the treatment site

- reduction of gynecomastia lipomas in men

DIVES LipoShoock+ 10ml
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