How to enhance and rejuvenate your look?

There are different methods to keep your eyes looking young. Aesthetic medicine is very effective and widespread, but other methods can also enhance, emphasize and beautify your eyes.

1.    Why is it important to have a good look?

Our eyes and our look are often the first thing that people notice about us. It is a key to seduction, but also for social or professional relationships.

The look says a lot about your person, it is often said that "the eyes are the mirror of the soul" because your look can communicate all your emotions. Your charm therefore lies largely in your eyes and that is why it is important to take care of them.

Wrinkles, dark circles, dull or tired eyes, and red or puffy eyes can all contribute to the beauty of your eyes. Here are some tips to help you keep your eyes looking young, attractive and radiant with different methods.

2.    How to beautify your eyes naturally?

Good hydration and quality sleep are the keys to having rested eyes and keeping a pretty look. However, there are a few natural methods to guarantee a sparkling and desirable look in all circumstances.

A few recipes from grandmothers :

To avoid puffy eyes and reduce dark circle bags, you can opt for iced cucumber slices to place on the eyes.

The application of green tea bags placed in the refrigerator and moistened is also an effective solution for a relaxed and radiant look.

Cosmetic solutions:

To care for your eye area, you can give it a moisture boost with an energizing mask

Using a non-irritating makeup remover for your daily use is also essential to keep a healthy, smooth contour.

To preserve a youthful look by fighting against wrinkles and fine lines, it is possible to regularly apply a lifting anti-aging eye care.

Finally, to reduce dark circles and eye bags, you can opt for an effective eye contour cream.

The makeup for an intense look:

A nice eye makeup can also help you to draw a beautiful intense look. Eyeliner, black pencil or a discreet eye shadow will allow you to emphasize and highlight your eyes naturally.

3. How to rejuvenate your eyes effectively?

Aesthetic medicine combines different very effective techniques to rejuvenate your eye area and your look.

Fight against bags, dark circles and swelling:

There are many effective products available on the market to combat puffy and dark circles eyes, here are two of them:


This 5ml bottle reduces lower eyelid puffiness and drains the swelling around the eyes. It also moisturizes and firms the skin.

Farewell Puffy Eyes anti dark circles 30ml CROMA

This serum is ideal to fight against the appearance of shadows and bags around the eyes. It makes the skin more radiant, soft and elastic.

Getting rid of wrinkles

Several products can smooth the skin and fight against wrinkles via different methods, here are three particularly effective:


It is an injectable hyaluronic acid for the correction of fine to moderate wrinkles around the eyes. It also helps reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes and creates long-lasting, natural results.


Intended for mature skin, this gel will act on your wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. It will leave the skin luminous, moisturized and "fresher".

Fine Line Lidocaine 1ml - DIVES

This product allows the smoothing of superficial wrinkles, especially around the eyes (crow's feet).

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