Skinboosters Injections: How to enhance your face ?

Why does the skin lose its vigor and youthfulness?

The skin is the largest organ in the body, covering almost all of our flesh and organs. However, like all human organs, its cells disappear and renew themselves. The human skin cell renewal cycle lasts 28 days, during this time new cells are born, replace older ones that disappear, and are gradually replaced by newer cells.

With age, the cell renewal cycle becomes longer. The risk then is the accumulation of cells and the thickening of the skin. As a result, the skin, heavier and less hydrated, dries out and wrinkles can appear if the drying out lasts. The effects of time and age are therefore largely due to the accumulation of old cells on the skin and their drying out. In this case, the best solution that anyone can provide is to treat the skin with products that are suitable for its hydration.

What care to bring to restore the skin of its splendor and radiance?

The most appropriate skin care products for hydration and anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatment should contain hyaluronic acid. This acid, naturally present in the body, has the property of filling the gaps between the skin cells and therefore making it more resistant and firmer. This property comes from its ability to retain water. Unfortunately, after a certain age, the quantity of hyaluronic acid naturally present in the body decreases until it disappears around the age of fifty. Gels and other hyaluronic acid-based products therefore make it possible to remedy the absence of this precious molecule and thus recreate the much sought-after effects.

The treatment based on skinbooster injections is therefore the solution to give a glow to your face and even to any other skin part of your body suffering from some slackening and the appearance of wrinkles. Unlike creams, which are very superficial, skinbooster injections allow you to deeply moisturize your skin and therefore have a better efficiency. These injections penetrate deep into your epidermis to hydrate the roots of your cells and thus guarantee a lasting rejuvenation. The results of such injections can thus last for at least two months.

Que sont les différents boosters à injection sous la peau ?

Il existe différents boosters, chacun étant basé sur une formule différente possède ses propres caractéristiques. Les meilleurs boosters sont donc Restylane Skinboosters Vital Light Lidocaine, Dermhage Fine Touche (développé par les laboratoires L’Esthétic Paris), Stylage Hydro (développé par le laboratoire Vivacy) et Dives Hydra Royal Cellushoock.

Stylage Hydro – Vivacy

L’injection Stylage Hydro a pour objectif de retarder le vieillissement de votre peau. Pour cela, Stylage Hydro est une formule mélangeant acide hyaluronique et Mannitol.

Alors que l’acide réhydrate la peau, le Mannitol permet de répartir le gel de manière homogène sur toute la surface désireuse. Vous pouvez donc appliquer la solution à plusieurs endroits pour couvrir une large partie de votre peau.

Restylane Skinboosters Vita Light Lidocaine

This injection is specific to the rejuvenation of mature skin, particularly that which has been damaged by excessive exposure to the sun's rays. It therefore gives you more supple skin, a more radiant complexion and reduces the severity of your wrinkles.

Dermhage Fine Touch – L'Esthetic Paris

< p style="text-align: justify;">Dermhage Fine Touch has the advantage of treating mild wrinkles and crow's feet particularly well. In addition, this product minimizes the risk of having acne scars and stretch marks by making the skin more supple, more hydrated and softer. Finally, Dermhage Fine Touch lasts longer than other injections, its action can actually last more than 6 months, even 9 months if several injections have been made during a period.

Why choose skinbooster injections?

Thanks to these boosters injected into your skin, your face will regain better tension. This greater skin tension is due to better density. Thus, the wrinkles on the targeted parts will be reduced or even disappear very quickly.

These skinboosters can be used on the skin of your face but also on the neck, the neckline, the backs of the hands and the arms. Finally, they also heal your skin from damage caused by too much sun exposure. Indeed, the UV rays of the sun burn your skin and damage it. One way to protect yourself is therefore to firm your skin by using these injections based on hyaluronic acid.

Your skin then becomes much more impervious to UV rays and don't let them pass. However, too much exposure to these rays drastically reduces the amount of hyaluronic acid and therefore ultimately reduces the protection it offers.

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