Profhilo Body Kit - IBSA
Profhilo Body Kit - IBSA
Profhilo Body Kit - IBSA
Profhilo Body Kit - IBSA

Profhilo Body Kit - IBSA

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Profhilo Body Kit is designed by IBSA to restore volume and shape certain areas such as the abdomen, arms, or thighs


Profhilo Body Kit from IBSA laboratories

Description of PROFHILO Body Kit

Profhilo Body Kit intervenes:

  • in the physiological process of skin aging, which is manifested, among other things, by reduced skin hydration, alteration of the elastic fibers and collagen of the dermis, with loss of turgor and skin tone;
  • in the repair process of dermal tissues, in case of scars resulting from superficial skin trauma.

Profhilo® Body is indicated for the treatment of the body to reshape the contours and remodel the laxity. It is particularly indicated for the treatment of the brachialis, abdominal areas and areas affected by skin laxity.

Areas targeted by the Profhilo Body Kit





PROFHILO® FIGURA - BODY PATCH (pack of 4 patches in one bag): Intended to soothe and moisturize the skin of different areas of the body after aesthetic treatments. The product contains highly pure hyaluronic acid, perfected by the special NAHYCO® technology and stable cooperative hybrid complexes (HCC) designed to delay the aging process and significantly improve skin quality.

PROFHILO® BODY two boxes of 2 syringes of 3ml (3.2% - 48mg / 3ml): The only injectable treatment specifically designed for the treatment of sagging skin on the body and particularly recommended for the brachial area, the abdomen and the areas most affected by this condition.

PROFHILO® FIGURA - BODY CREAM (150ml airless bottle): Multi-active modeling and firming cream. It restores tone and elasticity while deeply moisturizing.


Profhilo Body is specifically intended for the treatment of laxity of the body skin in the brachial region, abdominal region, etc., and is characterized by stabilized hybrid cooperative complexes of H-HA and L-HA. In addition, Profhilo Figura Body Patch is designed to soothe and moisturize the skin after aesthetic treatment, increasing skin hydration and decreasing skin irritation.

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