DIVES ACNEOUT 10x5ml

    DIVES ACNEOUT 10x5ml

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    ACNÉOUT is studied to fight against seborrhea and skin acne.
    Actively regulates the sebaceous glands.
    DIVESMED German Laboratory
    10 Bottles of 5 ml



    Box of 10 bottles of 5 ml

    ACNEOUT is designed to fight against seborrhea and skin acne

    ACNEOUT is a synergistic combination of highly sebum-regulating and antibacterial substances

    Thanks to the content of zinc, salicylic acid and a mixture of biomimetic peptides, the cocktail effectively combats skin eruptions and overgrown bacterial flora, actively regulating the sebaceous glands

    The richness of vitamins, soothing substances and hyaluronic acid helps to restore the hydrolipid balance and good skin resistance

    Thanks to the retinol content, the concentrate also helps to combat the consequences of acne, such as discolouration or scarring

    The skin becomes smooth and blemish-free

    Benefits of treatment with ACNÉOUT MESO:

    • Deep sebum regulation and reduction of seborrhea
    • Elimination of skin eruptions
    • Prevention of sebaceous gland blockage and blackhead formation
    • Reduction of scars and smoothing of the skin structure
    • Reduction of inflammation and bacterial flora

    ACNEOUT MESO is applied to the face and body parts that are acne-prone or prone to seborrhea.

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