Ultimate Eye Corrector 2x10g - INNOAESTHETICS

Ultimate Eye Corrector 2x10g - INNOAESTHETICS

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Innoaesthetics Ultimate Eye Corrector is a powerful periocular rejuvenator for the eye area with vitamin A and polyhydroxy acids


Innoaesthetics Ultimate Eye Corrector


Ultimate Eye Corrector from Innoaesthetics is a powerful peri-ocular rejuvenation aimed at combating periorbital photoaging and crow's feet wrinkles by causing an eye lifting effect.

This product is a repairing and revitalizing eye contour treatment with vitamin A and polyhydroxy acids that improves fine lines around the eyes and evens skin tone.

The active ingredients present in this product are vitamin A, lactobionic acid, mandelic acid, salicylic acid and Smart GPS®.

Innoaesthetics Ultimate Eye Corrector results:

- Rejuvenates the eye area

- Reduces crow's feet

- Firms droopy eyelids.

Treatment area

Ultimate Eye Corrector by Innoaesthetics is a product that is applied to the eye contour.

Innoaesthetics Ultimate Eye Corrector Treatment Protocol

This product contains 2 vials of 10 g. The treatment with Innoaesthetics Ultimate Eye Corrector includes a minimum of 5 sessions to obtain optimal results.

Indications for treatment

The ingredients of Ultimate Eye Corrector are delivered without damaging the skin in the desired treatment area, with fast results. Mild discomfort may be felt, due to mild to moderate abrasion. Indeed, the degree of peeling is considered light - soft.

Product pH < 2

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