DIVES MED BTX 10x5ml

    DIVES MED BTX 10x5ml

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    10 Bottle of 5 ml

    The properties of BTX are a safe alternative to treatment with botulinum toxin type A.
    Contains in addition to the bi-molecular hyaluronic acid



    1 Bottle of 5 ml

    BTX is a new generation cocktail designed to fight against wrinkles and signs of skin aging. The BTX cocktail contains highly concentrated bi-molecular hyaluronic acid with a moisturizing effect and a highly smoothing Argireline hexapeptide

    The synergistic combination of the two components prevents the formation of new expression lines and reduces the depth and deepening of existing wrinkles, giving a spectacular rejuvenating effect

    The "btx-like" effect is based on muscle relaxation and strong hydration of the skin, thanks to which the face regains its youthful contours and becomes visibly smoother

    The unique tightening and smoothing properties of BTX DIVES are an effective solution for skin lifting and a safe alternative to botulinum toxin type A treatment

    Muscle relaxation and reduction of facial expression, hydrating and wrinkle-mimicking smoothing, improvement of skin hydrodynamics, improvement of skin tension and elasticity

    Application area of BTX:

    • Eye area
    • Forehead
    • Peribuccal wrinkles
    • Corner of the mouth
    • Lower cheeks
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