Intimate Whitening - MCCM

    Intimate Whitening - MCCM

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    Intimate is the first revolutionary peel that tightens, brightens and regenerates the skin in the intimate area of men and women


    Intimate Whitening - MCCM


    - Intimate Whitening is a peeling for the treatment of the intimate parts. It tightens, brightens and regenerates the skin of the intimate area of men and women

    - The Intimate Whitening set contains a box:

    • Mandelic and Gluthation MCCM peels
    • Neutralizing solution
    • Post-peel lightening cream


    • Effective anti-aging vaginal treatment
    • Ideal against loss of tone, dryness, atrophy of the perianal muscles and clitoral involutions

    Targeted areas

    • breasts
    • underarms
    • vaginal area

    The treatment does not require any particular precaution, it is fast and gentleit is fast and gentle.

    Intimate Whitening MCCM is the first peel that treats the intimate parts

    Intimate Whitening is the ideal non-invasive solution for vaginal rejuvenation.

    It reduces, improves and resolves the problems most likely to occur during the aging process

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