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Melano Whitening MCCM is a professional package designed to address melanin imperfections. An assortment of products and solutions are available to effectively treat and maintain the skin




The Melano Whitening MCCM is a professional pack designed to solve melanic imperfections. An assortment of products and solutions are available to effectively treat and maintain the skin.

The formula is designed to ensure skin whitening. The treatment lightens the skin and gives it an even tone. The composition of the product also ensures that the health of the skin is perfectly maintained.

The pack includes:

- A 10 ml pre-treatment solution;

- 10 ml Meso whitening bottle;

- Melano whitening mask 15 GR;

- Melano Whitening Cream 30 ml;

- 50 ml of sun protection cream (index 50).


Many factors can affect the body's melanin synthesis. The skin can then show signs of unattractive hyperpigmentation. Melano Whitening helps to remedy this problem. Its specific formula has been designed to act on melanic imperfections and make them disappear gradually.

The Melano Whitening professional pack includes a variety of products that act on the epidermis. They treat the surface of the skin for a more natural whitening result. The complexion is whitened to erase unsightly melanin spots. The skin is also toned and regenerated.


  • Reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Promotes skin lightening


Since Melano Whitening is a professional use pack, it is important to use trained professionals to apply the treatment.

  • Cleanse and tone the skin, then apply the MCCM degreasing solution with gauze to remove all impurities.
  • Apply the MCCM Pretreatment with gauze to reduce the pH of the skin.
  • Apply the MCCM MelanoOut Mask with a brush and leave the mask on according to the skin phototype:
    Photo type I & II - 4 hours
    Photo type III & IV - 5-8 hours
    Photo type V & VI - 9-12 hours
  • Remove the MCCM MelanoOut mask with cold water. Apply MCCM Hydraface to the treated area and MCCM Spf 50+.

Important: Apply MCCM Sunscreen 50+ to the treated area every day.

The Melano Professional Whitening Pack is perfect for evening out skin tone. It effectively erases dark spots that appear on the face. The complexion is then lightened for a more natural look.

The product's formula also smoothes the skin and revitalizes it. It also significantly reduces the formation of wrinkles.


Active ingredients

Kojic acid

Phytic acid

Ascorbic acid

Lactic acid

Retinyl palmitate


Bleaching agent

Tyrosinase inhibitor, blocking the entry of iron and copper into melanin formation

Healing, helps collagen formation; antioxidant properties; bleaching agent.

AHA, moisturizing, antimicrobial, whitening and skin rejuvenating.

Antioxidant, reduces acne, photodamage and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

inhibits tyrosinase induction


Lighter skin

Smoothes imperfections

Lightening cream



Long-lasting lightening cream to erase melanin memory

Helps to reduce skin blemishes, with a triple action

whitening, antioxidant and protective

Very positive results and most clients start to notice the results within a few days


Apply a small amount to the face until it covers the skin, making a thin layer.

Apply in the evening

It will be like a whitening mask, leaving it on the skin for about 30 minutes

Rinse with cold water and apply the XR Cellular Magic and the corresponding facial cream.

Apply every day

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