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MIST, Vivacy's Refreshing Skin Care Water. It is a Natural Mineral Water from Treignac, which springs in the heart of France, takes its source in the regional natural park of Millevaches, in Corrèze.


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  • Treignac Natural Mineral Water, which gushes out in the heart of France, has its source in the Millevaches Regional Natural Park in Corrèze.

  • This water is captured at a constant temperature, after having been naturally filtered by a soil made of granitic sands.

  • This geological particularity explains the singular composition of L'Eau Minérale Naturelle de Treignac. The absence of carbonate, as well as its very low mineral content (20 mg of dry residue) make it very pure; while its high proportion of silica (33%) makes it a real care water.

  • Thus, the Natural Mineral Water of Treignac contained in the MIST spray reinforces the hydration of the skin, while bringing a feeling of freshness.

  • MIST 100 ml.


VIVACY Laboratories offer a line of professional quality dermo-cosmetic care products, based on expert and innovative formulations to preserve the skin's youthfulness. The VIVASÔME® complex is an exclusive technology resulting from the advanced research of VIVACY Laboratories. The VIVASÔME® complex is based on the principle of encapsulating active ingredients through liposomes. Similar to small "spheres", their structure is similar to that of the cell membrane (phospholipid bilayer). These liposomes can create a pathway through the surface layers of the skin, thus promoting the penetration of the active ingredients.

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