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Tigf by Innoaesthetics is a cellular repairer thatpromotes the synthesis of growth factors and improves the state of the extracellular matrix.


Innoaesthetics Tigf


Tigf by Innoaesthetics is a growth factor stimulator that causes cellular repair. The product promotes the synthesis of growth factors and improves the state of the extracellular matrix, thus restoring skin vitality, thickness and elasticity. All this leads to a more elastic and smooth skin texture.

The active ingredients present in this product are chitosan, elastin, collagen, chondroitin, and peptides.

Innoaesthetics Tigf Results:

- Restores and heals damaged skin tissue

- Effectively revitalizes and rejuvenates skin tissue.

Treatment area

Tigf by Innoaesthetics is a product that is applied on the face.

Treatment protocol of Tigf by Innoaesthetics

This product contains 4 vials of 2.5 ml. The treatment with Innoaesthetics Tigf consists of 4 sessions with 7 days interval for optimal results. This product can be administered, according to the professional's decision, with different existing techniques of transdermal administration as non-invasive therapies.

Treatment indications

Transcutaneous administration system. These ingredients are released without damaging the skin in the desired treatment area, without side effects and with rapid results. The purity and sterilization of the formulations is a basic rule to avoid undesirable ion concentration, and therefore to avoid the use of preservatives.

product pH: 6.0 - 7.0

Osmolarity: 260 - 340 mOsmol/Kg

Learn more about the brand? Innoaesthetics provides professionals and end-users with medical-aesthetic and dermatological solutions to treat any type of skin alteration and maintain the health and beauty of the skin. The brand includes the perfect solution for professionals and end-users to treat skin conditions with anti-acne, anti-aging, depigmenting, moisturizing and restructuring products.

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