Xtra Skin Firming 5x5ml - Simildiet

Xtra Skin Firming 5x5ml - Simildiet

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A powerful treatment for dermal repair, it boosts collagen and elastin production, reduces wrinkles and restores skin damaged by environmental factors such as sun, pollution, stress and smoking.


Xtra Skin Repair 5x5ml - Simildiet


- XTRA SKIN REPAIR is a powerful dermal repair treatment that boosts collagen and elastin production, reduces wrinkles and restores skin damaged by environmental factors such as sun, pollution, stress and smoking.

- It is particularly indicated for thick skin with dilated pores and imperfections of mixed skin suffering from excess sebum.

- This product also reduces acne scars and stretch marks


ASIAN CENTELLA : Great healing effect, stimulates the activation of the connective tissue cells by increasing its fibrillar content. It has an epithelial regenerating property.

ORGANIC SILICON: Silicon is a structural element of connective tissue. It is a key element in the composition of macromolecules present in elastin, collagen, proteoglycans and glycoproteins. It acts by stimulating their regeneration.

TROXERUTIN: It is made up of three active ingredients: escin, esculin and flavonoids (rutin and hesperidin).

Each of the components provides different pharmacological effects:

Aescin, is a saponin with antiexudative and antedematous activity.

Aescin is a saponin with antiexudative and antedematous activity. Esculin is fibronolytic and antithrombotic, as it is a glycoside of oxicoumarin.

The rutin-hesperidin complex is phlebotonic and capillary protective.

HYALURONIC ACID: It has a great moisturizing effect, replaces collagen loss and restores damaged structural bridges.

ALARIA ESCULENTA EXTRACT: Anti-oxidant and anti-radical action. It stimulates the production of collagen III, IV and VII and strengthens the hydrolipidic skin barrier. Moreover, it stimulates the synthesis of the perimembrane proteoglycan matrix, glycosaminoglycans and hyaluronic acid. It increases the production of ATP, ADP and AMP.


Tetrapeptide-7 It fights against the degradation of the extracellular matrix linked to the formation of stretch marks. It helps to reduce fibre fragmentation and considerably improves the reconstruction of the papillary fibre network. Its repairing effect visibly improves the skin's tone and elasticity.

Tripeptide- 30 Inhibits the degradation of extracellular matrix (ECM) components, reduces skin tension, promotes skin healing, increases skin elasticity, reduces erythema and improves stretch mark color.


  • Xtra Skin Repair regenerates collagen and elastin fibers, which promotes the creation of structural bridges in the dermis that help restore damaged skin.
  • In addition to skin repair, Xtra also restores the hydrolipidic structure.
  • This composition reactivates vascular and lymphatic activity to help restore the skin's bright, smooth and healthy appearance.
  • The skin gradually regains its natural colour and gradually blends with the surrounding skin.
  • This product also triggers the cell regeneration process and the activation of collagen and elastin production by reactivating fibroblasts and microcirculation to maintain the result obtained over time.

Targeted areas

This product can be used on

  • The face
  • The neck
  • The neckline
  • Back of the hands
  • Arms
  • Legs

Application protocol

  • Before starting the treatment, the patient's history must be taken and the patient must be informed of the immediate effects of the treatment, as well as the possible side effects.
  • The treatment must be performed by a professional licensed to perform these techniques.
  • This product can be used with a derma roller or a derma pen (microneedling) or by superficial injections.
  • A maximum of one bottle should be used per session. The treatment can last for example 3 months with one session per week.
  • It is possible to space out the sessions and extend the treatment over a longer period.
  • You can then apply a moisturizing cream or a soothing mask to calm the irritation and prolong the effects of the product.

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