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B. Braun Injekt-F Fine Dosing Syringes

B. Braun Injekt-F Fine Dosing Syringes

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Discover B. Braun's Injekt-F Fine Dosing Syringes , designed for unparalleled precision in drug delivery. A trusted choice for healthcare professionals.

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B. Braun Injekt-F Fine Dosing Syringes: Precision and Safety

B. Braun Injekt-F Fine Dosing Syringes are specially designed to provide maximum precision and safety in medication administration. These syringes are ideal for injections requiring high precision, such as pediatric injections, vaccinations and specific treatments.

Key Features

  • Dosing Accuracy : Clear graduations for precise and reliable dosing.
  • Comfort of Use : Smooth piston for easy and controlled injection.
  • Quality Materials : Made with biocompatible and resistant materials.
  • Sterilization : Sterile syringes for safe use.

Use and Applications

Injekt-F Fine Dosage Syringes are suitable for a variety of medical applications, including subcutaneous, intramuscular and intravenous injections. They are particularly useful in settings where dosing accuracy is crucial.

Technical specifications

Available in different sizes to accommodate various medical needs. Each syringe is individually packaged to ensure sterility until use.

Choose B. Braun Injekt-F Fine Dosing Syringes for precise and secure medication administration, a preferred choice by healthcare professionals.


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