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Cliniprep 100ml - DP DERMACEUTICALS

Cliniprep 100ml - DP DERMACEUTICALS

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Cliniprep by Dp Dermaceuticals is the ultimate antimicrobial formula for cleansing the skin by providing fast and effective protection against infection.




Cliniprep by Dp Dermaceuticals removes makeup and excess oil, and is non-negotiable before, during and after Dermapen™ treatments due to its quick cleansing and antimicrobial control. Although deadly to pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria, CLINIPREP does not interfere with cell regrowth, ideal for the recovery stage of microneedling and chemical peels when the skin is vulnerable to infection.

It is an incredibly gentle antibacterial facial cleanser, free of alcohol or any other ingredients that may cause tingling, sensitivity, irritation or dryness to the skin and eyes.

The product contains a unique and stable version of high purity hypochlorous acid (HOCI) that reduces skin aging, promotes the growth of new skin cells on wounds and boosts immunity against germs.

The active ingredients in this product are water, phosphoric acid, and sodium hypochlorite.


- Kills bad bacteria on the skin without disturbing the acid mantle and the good bacteria that our skin needs.

Dp Dermaceuticals Cliniprep treatment protocol

  • Using gauze, thoroughly cleanse the skin with the formula before treatment.
  • To ensure complete disinfection of the skin and minimize irritation, apply Cliniprep at each step of the procedure.
  • Use Cliniprep to remove any blood or residue before applying treatment masks or creams.

For best results and rapid skin recovery within 2-3 days after microneedling, Cliniprep should be applied frequently (up to 3 times daily).

  • Apply directly to the skin or use a soaked dry gauze and wipe gently.
  • Make sure the area is moist for each application.

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