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INNO-EXFO Neutralizer (1 x 100ml)

INNO-EXFO Neutralizer (1 x 100ml)

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Neutralizer Innoaesthetics 100ml : ideal neutralizing solution after skin treatments to secure and soothe your skin.


Discover Neutralizer Innoaesthetics , The Innovative Neutralizing Solution

Neutralizer Innoaesthetics 100 ml is an essential solution for regulating and controlling the penetration of skin treatments. This expert product is essential after the application of alpha-hydroxy acids to secure and neutralize their effect, allowing rapid and effective recovery of the skin.

Indications and Use

This neutralizing solution is used to prepare the skin before dermatological treatments, disinfect, and neutralize acids applied during peels or other exfoliating treatments.

Component Function
Glycerin Hydrates and helps retain moisture in the skin.
Sodium bicarbonate Acts quickly to neutralize skin acids.
Chamomilla Recutita Extract Soothes and reduces skin irritation.

Why Choose Neutralizer Innoaesthetics?

  • Quick and effective solution to neutralize the effects of acids used during peels.
  • Enriched with natural and soothing components for optimal recovery.
  • 100 ml format, ideal for several treatment sessions.

Quantity: 100 ml bottle, suitable for prolonged professional use.

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