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Silicone (20x5 ml) L'injection de silicone est efficace pour traiter la cellulite, le relâchement et les lésions cutanées. Excellent effet régénérant et hydratant,



The Mesosystem laboratory was created in 2007.

It is a laboratory that creates only high performance medical cosmetics, extremely committed to innovation using state-of-the-art facilities.

MCCM it is present in more than 51 countries in the world.

Box of 20 ampoules of 5 ml


Methylsilanol Mannuronate.

  • What is Methylsilanol Mannuronate or Methylsilanol Mannuronate?

    Methylsilanol mannuronate is a silicone-based product. Methylsilanol can be called organic silanol, which reacts with mannuronic acid. Mannuronic acid is naturally found on the cell wall of algae.

    Use and benefits:

    The structure of methylsilanol mannuronate has benefits for both silicon and mannuronic acid. Silicon can be considered essential for maintaining collagen and elastin proteins in the skin in an unaltered state, otherwise it can react with glucose in the body to form another ineffective variant through a process called (AGEs - Advanced glycation end products).

    Thus, the availability of this skin protein in natural form can help the skin to improve. It also protects the skin from free radicals that are formed as a result of encountering environmental pollutants. This free radical can again convert necessary skin proteins and other important metabolites into inactive or harmful metabolites, so that the expression of skin cells can be altered and, as a result, fine lines, wrinkles and brown spots can start to appear prematurely.

    Thus, the anti-aging formulation prevents any underlying cause and helps the skin to improve. It can also help the skin form superior collagen, a skin protein. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, irritated or sensitive skin can be treated very well with this ingredient.

    It also helps the skin to fight cellulite. It is non-allergenic and non-reactive. Therefore, it can be used in anti-aging and stretch mark creams, baby care products, pre- and post-tsunami care products, aftershave, depilatories and sensitive skin care products.

Main Properties and Functions

Anti-oxidant, lipolytic, regenerating.

Targeted areas and Indications

Recommended for all skin types

  • face
  • neck
  • neckline
  • back of the hands
  • arms
  • legs

Multiple benefits

  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Strong regenerative properties

Application Protocol

Apply the contents of the ampoule to the area to be treated by means of a massage with circulatory movements
, or incorporate the ampoule into a cream base to improve its application

Put the content of the ampoule in a gel prepared to be used in "mesotherapy without needles"
or "virtual mesotherapy" or to enhance the results obtained with electrotherapy techniques
such as ultrasound, ionization, diatherapy or other types of
medical devices used in beauty care.

The treatment must be carried out by a licensed professional who will recommend the best technique for injecting the product, and before starting the treatment, he/she should check the patient's history to avoid possible side effects.

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