AQUA LISS' HA - Plumping Hydrating...

AQUA LISS' HA - Plumping Hydrating Mask 8ml | Vivacy

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AQUA LISS' HA is a care that provides complete hydration, for a soft and more comfortable skin. The skin looks plumper and the complexion more radiant.

  • Box of 5 masks
  • 1 mask


AQUA LISS' HA - Plumping Hydrating Mask 8ml | Vivacy

Available in boxes of 5 or individually


  • AQUA LISS' HA® is a complete moisturizing treatment that leaves the skin soft and comfortable.
  • The skin looks plumper and the complexion more radiant.
  • Mask with biocellulose support for single use.
  • Product tested under dermatological control
  • 8 ml sachet


  • HYALURONIC ACID: Selection of a high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid for a lmogenic action to bring suppleness and softness to the skin

  • COLLAGEN OF MARINE ORIGIN: The triple helix structure of this active ingredient allows to keep its water retention properties. The water thus remains trapped on the surface for a visibly more plumped-up skin

  • POLYSACCHARIDE RICHE EN FUCOSE: This sugar obtained by bio fermentation acts in complementarity with the hyaluronic acid on the hydration of the skin


  • Second skin effect
  • Hydration up to 8 hours after application
  • plumped skin
  • Reduced dehydration line
  • Skin is more comfortable, smoother and fresher


VIVACY Laboratories offer a line of professional quality dermo-cosmetic care products, based on expert and innovative formulations to preserve the skin's youthfulness. The VIVASÔME® complex is an exclusive technology resulting from the advanced research of VIVACY Laboratories. The VIVASÔME® complex is based on the principle of encapsulating active ingredients through liposomes.

Similar to small "spheres", their structure is similar to that of the cell membrane (phospholipid bilayer). These liposomes can create a pathway through the surface layers of the skin, thus promoting the penetration of the active ingredients.

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