Hyamira Forte

Hyamira Forte

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Hyamira Forte 1ml is a hyaluronic acid injection gel developed to increase lip volume.
It restores facial volume and fills in wrinkles.

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Hyamira Forte 1ml

Apharm Laboratories

Hyamira forte description 

Apharm's new Hyamira line of sterile hyaluronic acid is available from the company's Italian facility. It's a high-quality, viscoelastic product. The effectiveness of Hyamira Filler lasts longer than that of other dermal fillers. Hyamira Forte 1ml can be used on the entire face to cure moderate to deep wrinkles, as well as to enhance cheekbones, chin, nose, and lips volume. You can avoid surgery using Hyamira Forte 1ml, which is safe and non-invasive. Wrinkles and fissures can be reduced, but the procedure is more intrusive than mesotherapy and requires a longer recovery time afterward. Bruising and swelling can occur within 48 hours of the treatment, which is reported as painless by those who receive it.

Product details of Hyamira Forte

Hyamira Forte improves skin moisture, which aids in the battle against aging signs.

For six to eight months, the gel is absorbed by the organization, making it a long-term and preventative treatment option

Certain areas of the face are restored or reshaped thanks to the gel's rejuvenating effects.

Water and filler work together to diminish the effects of weariness and aging. Instantly, the skin tone is satin-like, the complexion is smoothed, and dark circles disappear. This delights the patients, who are pleased with their radiant and rested look.

Administered by the Italian laboratory Apharm, this is an instant cure for aging.

Material and care

  • 25 mg/ml of Hyaluronic Acid is found in Hyamira Forte (25 percent concentration).
  • Two 27G1/2 needles are included, as is a prefilled 1ml syringe.
  • The Hyaluron or injection are two methods for administering Hyamira.
  • Hyamira Forte has a 25 percent concentration of Hyaluronic Acid, which makes it easy to apply and avoids hypercorrections.
  • A linear retrograde approach is used to place the needle, making for a more precise surgical procedure thanks to the support (included).
  • Intradermal gaps are filled with a gel that is fixed and assimilated by the tissues.


Water and filler work together to diminish the effects of weariness and aging. Smoother skin, filled-in wrinkles: patients rave about the rapid improvement in their appearance, which leaves them feeling rejuvenated and well-rested. The skin's elasticity is at its peak, thanks to a treatment from the Italian lab Apharm that promises rapid regeneration.


- Hyamira is a new series of sterile hyaluronic acid manufactured by the Italian laboratory Apharm.
It is a viscoelastic and high quality product.
Hyamira Filler has a longer duration of effectiveness than other dermal fillers

- Hyamira Forte 1ml is used all over the face to treat medium to deep wrinkles, and to increase the volume of cheekbones, chin, nose and lips.

- Hyamira Forte 1ml is a gentle alternative to cosmetic surgery. It is effective enough to visibly reduce wrinkles and fissures, but is more invasive than mesotherapy. Bruising and swelling are sometimes observed within 48 hours following the treatment, which is described as painless.

- By retaining water in the skin tissue, Hyaluronic acid provides better hydration and slows down the visible signs of aging. Its action is long-lasting and preventive, since the body takes between 6 and 8 months to absorb the gel.

- Its homogeneous texture also allows it to fill moderate to severe wrinkles. It acts with effectiveness thanks to its bio-revitalizing effect and its polyvalent character. Hyamira Forte 1mL solution can also be used to restore or reshape certain parts of the face.


  • The combined action of hydration and filling reduces wrinkles caused by fatigue and age. Smoothed complexion, filled-in wrinkles: an immediate result that delights patients, who are satisfied with their radiant and rested look.
  • The elasticity of the cutaneous tissues is maximum: an express rejuvenation cure proposed by the Italian laboratories Apharm.


  • Hyamira Forte helps to fight against the signs of aging by providing the skin with better hydration.
  • The action of the gel is durable and preventive, since the organization takes 6 to 8 months to absorb the gel
  • The gel acts with a revitalizing effect to restore or reshape certain parts of the face.
  • The combined action of hydration and filling reduces wrinkles caused by fatigue and age. The complexion is smoothed, dark circles disappear, and the skin tone is satin-like: an immediate result that delights patients, who are satisfied with their radiant and rested look.
  • The elasticity of the cutaneous fabrics is maximum: a cure of youth express proposed by the Italian laboratories Apharm.


  • Hyamira Forte contains 25 mg / ml of Hyaluronic Acid (25% concentration).
  • It is provided with 2 needles 27G1/2 and a pre-filled syringe of 1ml.

Targeted areas:

The gel can be used on all areas of the face

In particular, Hyamira Forte is commonly used to :

  • Correct the volume of the lips and nose.
  • Tighten or fill in the chin or cheekbones.
  • Filling in medium to severe wrinkles.

Application protocol:

Warning! This procedure must be performed by an authorized professional.

Injection technique.

  • Hyamira can be applied with the HyaluroPen or by injection.
    Its application is very easy thanks to its 25% concentration in Hyaluronic Acid
  • Hyamira Forte is injected into the middle dermis, in order to avoid hypercorrections
  • The needle is inserted by linear retrograde technique, a meticulous surgical act facilitated by the support (included).
    The gel, deposited in the intradermal spaces, is homogeneously fixed and then assimilated by the tissues.
  • If necessary, the physician can perform corrections with both serial puncture and linear retrograde techniques, depending on his or her dexterity.


  • The use of Hyamira Forte is strongly contraindicated on pregnant or breastfeeding women, minors and patients prone to skin allergies
  • The injection presents a risk of infection, minimal if the sanitary instructions have been respected.

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Hyamira Forte
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