HYAMIRA 40 BOOSTER (2 ml)
    HYAMIRA 40 BOOSTER (2 ml)
    HYAMIRA 40 BOOSTER (2 ml)

    HYAMIRA 40 BOOSTER (2 ml)

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    HYAMIRA 40 BOOSTER (Best Seller) 1 ml syringe 2 ml Hyamira 40 mg Booster can significantly restore the skin, immediate and long-lasting effect, stimulate fibroblasts and angiogenesis

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    Hyamira 40mg Booster - Apharm Laboratories


    Hyamira is a new series of sterile hyaluronic acid manufactured by the Italian laboratory Apharm. It is a viscoelastic and high quality product. Hyamira Filler has a longer duration of effectiveness than other dermal fillers

    Hyamira 40 Booster: Hyaluronic Acid for Biorevitalization

    Hyamira 40mg Booster allows to rehydrate the skin from the inside, to improve its tone and its elasticity

    Hyamira 40mg Booster gives the skin a youthful and radiant appearance

    Hyamira 40mg is a bio-revitalising skin booster based on hyaluronic acid, it is indicated to intensely moisturise the skin!

    Hyamira 40mg is indicated for :

    - Reduce the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles

    - Improve skin tone, firmness and elasticity

    - Improve the skin's natural protective function

    - Smooth the skin's surface

    - Eliminate wrinkles/wrinkles and acne scars.

    - Moisturize the skin of the face, neck, and hands

    In short, Hyamira 32 mg is used for an overall rejuvenating effect!


    Hyamira 40mg is indicated for biological revitalization in patients over 45 years of age and has an immediate effect to increase the turgidity and elasticity of the skin

    Hyamira 40mg stimulates fibroblasts and angiogenesis, and contributes to the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen

    Hyaluronic acid is completely biodegradable, it is resorbed by the body, leaving no trace of the injection.

    To stop the aging process, it is necessary to restore the rehydration mechanism using Hyamira to achieve this. The elasticity of the skin is restored in the first phase, followed by a degradation of the increase in hyaluronic acid and collagen production

    The high molecular weight of the hyaluronic acid in Hyamira Booster gives it powerful lifting properties, and an anti-wrinkle effect by providing powerful hydration.


    Hyamira 40mg Booster contains 20 mg / ml of Hyaluronic Acid (20% concentration)

    It is supplied with a pre-filled syringe of 2ml

    Targeted areas

    The gel can be used on all areas of the face

    Application protocol

    Caution! This procedure must be carried out by a qualified professional

    Injection technique

    Hyamira 32mg can be applied with the HyaluroPen or by injection

    The injection of Hyamira is administered intradermally


    Not suitable for minors, pregnant or breastfeeding women and people with skin inflammation or an allergic background

    Duration of effectiveness: 6 to 9 months

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