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T.C. Age by Innoaesthetics helpsdermal-epidermal reconstruction for skin rejuvenation in the face of moderate photoaging.


Innoaesthetics T.C. Age


T.C. Age by Innoaesthetics prevents moderate photoaging and is intended for people with acne scars or atrophic striae (white stretch marks).

The product has an intense coagulating action on albumins (frosting), manifesting itself in abrasive effects, as well as a strong keratolytic activity allowing a powerful cellular renewal of the epidermis and a skin tightening effect. The formula attenuates wrinkles and fine lines, reinforces the brightness of the skin and helps to reduce scars and white stretch marks.

The active ingredients in the product are TCA, salicylic acid and Smart GPS®.

Innoaesthetics T.C. Age Results:

- Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

- Reinforces the skin's radiance

- Helps reduce scars and white stretch marks.

Treatment area

T.C. Age by Innoaesthetics is a product that is applied to the face.

Treatment protocol of T.C. Age by Innoaesthetics

This product contains 5 vials of 5 ml. The treatment with Innoaesthetics T.C. Age includes a minimum of 3 sessions to achieve optimal results.

Treatment indications

The ingredients of T.C. Age are released without damaging the skin in the desired treatment area, with quick results. Mild discomfort may be experienced due to mild to moderate burning. In fact, the degree of peeling is considered to be light - medium. Recovery time is 2 to 3 days.

product pH <1

Learn more about the brand? Innoaesthetics provides professionals and end users with medical-aesthetic and dermatological solutions to treat any type of skin alteration and maintain the health and beauty of the skin. The brand includes the perfect solution for professionals and end-users to treat skin conditions with anti-acne, anti-aging, depigmenting, moisturizing and restructuring products.

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