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Infini Premium B Body gives volume to the contour of the silhouette (buttocks, calves, bust or hands)

1 syringe of 10 ml


Infini Premium Filler B Body


The B Body product of the Italian infinite range is designed to give volume to the contour of the silhouette (buttocks, calves, bust or hands)

Indications of Infini Filler B Body

INFINI Premium Body is recommended for people who want to

  • To give volume to the skin in lack of firmness
  • Shape and reshape their body
  • Increase the volume of the buttocks
  • Correct the shape of the calf
  • Rejuvenate the hands


INFINI Premium Filler Body is a sterile, single-phase, non-animal hyaluronic acid polymer filler.

INFINI Premium Filler Body is a transparent, non-pyrogenic hydrogel with corrective properties, characterized by a very high viscoplasticity and high tissue biocompatibility.

The product has a physiological pH and osmolarity. Its resorption is progressive. The INFINI Premium filling body is placed in a pre-filled graduated syringe with a 10 ml luer-lock connector. The package also contains a leaflet with instructions for use and self-adhesive labels with batch numbers for medical records, ensuring complete product identification.

COMPOSITION of Infini Body Premium

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid 20 mg / ml


1 Syringe of 10 ml

Infini Premium Filler B Body is contained in a pre-filled syringe graduated with a luer-lock connector of 10 ml.

Individually packaged in a blister pack

The package also contains an instruction manual.

To be used with an 18G cannula

Precautions for use

Infini Premium should not be used for injections

* in the orbital area

* in blood vessels

* for breast tissue augmentation

Infini Premium is intended for subcutaneous or intradermal injection only.

This product is intended for single use only and should not be resterilized. Use Infini Filler immediately after opening the blister and discard the syringe immediately afterwards even if the entire syringe has not been used.

Infini premium B should only be used by a licensed practitioner

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