Remedium Ha+ 5x10ml - INFINI

Remedium Ha+ 5x10ml (Hyaluronidase 1500 IU) - INFINITE

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Infini's Remedium Ha+ is a product used to break down bands of connective tissue that create the dimpled appearance of cellulite.

  • One box (5x10ml)
  • 1 vial


Infini Remedium Ha+


Remedium Ha+ from Infini is a freeze-dried hyaluronidase powder that is an effective solution for the depolymerization and hydrolysis of chemical bonds in cross-linked hyaluronic acids.

Hyaluronidase enzymes effectively degrade and dissolve hyaluronic acid, promoting its diffusion and reabsorption. They can also improve the appearance of hypertrophic scars, as well as skin fibrosis after liposuction. This active ingredient prevents the hyperpolymerization of glycosaminoglycans responsible for water retention, acting directly to eliminate retained fluid and reduce the volume of adipocytes. Hyaluronidase is particularly suitable for the treatment of cellulite because it is an active ingredient that attacks the fibrosis associated with this problem.

Results of Remedium Ha+ from Infini:

- Allows fat to be evacuated from the adipocyte

- Increases tissue permeability

- Promotes the spread or dispersion of other injected products

- Can be used to reduce certain overcorrections (bumps) created by skin filling with hyaluronic acid.

Treatment area

Remedium Ha+ is a product that is applied to the body.

Application protocol

  • Apply the contents of the bottle mixed with two ampoules of serum solution, to the skin with a circular massage until completely absorbed.

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